Our Environmental Approach

Environmental Coach Travel is the ‘greenest’ form of public transport, not only does it have the lowest carbon emissions, but for every coach, 20 cars are taken off the road, cutting congestion as well as C02.

Technology: Through the use of telematics we monitor driving behaviour improving fuel consumption and reducing engine idling time. Whilst also continually striving to reduce our empty running miles by more efficient routing with the assistance of our vehicle tracking system.

Introduction of New Vehicles: We are pleased to have three new coaches for delivery this year all with the latest Euro 6 engines that operate with the fuel

Recycling: We aim to recycle 70% of our waste; currently we recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic, metal and used engine oil. Reduce the amount of paper printed and use electronic means of forwarding documents one of our latest initiatives was to replace the driver paperwork tickets with smartphone E-tickets

Training: Continued driver training promoting safe responsible and considerate driving whilst reducing fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.

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