Travel Tips from the South East London Area’s Top Choice for Hospitality Coach Hire

After they hire an executive coach for the first time, many of our South East London clients relate to us horror stories of past coach journeys with discount, or just plain rubbish travel companies. And while we wish it were so, it may not always be possible to hire a luxury coach on every future trip you take.

So on this page we’ve looked to provide some tips for clients who are faced with the saddening prospect of having to travel by something other than hospitality coach hire, whether that be a discount double decker coach hire service or via a smaller vehicle.

Surviving a Budget Coach Journey

Dress Comfortably

One of the reasons people hire an executive coach in and around the South East London area is the ample room you get in seating areas. But budget coaches are often very cramped and have cheap, uncomfortable upholstery. So dress comfortably! Restrictive outfits will only make you hot and bothered. Comfortable shoes are also a must.

Bring Some Change

Your friend’s booked a stag or hen do abroad and had the genius idea of booking a budget coach to get there, rather than our luxurious hospitality coach hire service… Typical. But remember, once you get on your way you’ll need some cash for service station food and drink. Also keep in mind the place your heading, it might be worthwhile changing up some Euros if you’re off to Spain for the weekend.

Pack a Good Book

A good book can really help the time pass if you can’t hire a luxury coach and are forced to travel via dodgy double decker coach hire. Everybody has their favourite authors, why not try out some Raymond Chandler or maybe go throwback with a Christopher Marlowe play? The former was educated in South East London, while the latter is buried here!

Make the Most of the Journey

This goes for all journeys, whether or not you’ve invested in executive coach hire. Travel time can be used to catch up on work, send emails or see to any number of other tasks that need doing, updating a long-neglected blog, for example. Make the most of it so that when you get to your destination, you’ve really felt like you’ve accomplished something. 

Get Some Shut Eye

Boring, we know. But if you don’t have the luxury of enjoying a DVD in the lounge you get as part of our hospitality coach hire service in South East London, it might just be worth catching up on some sleep. A travel pillow can help achieve this, so make sure one’s packed if that’s your plan.

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