Why Hire an Executive Coach in South West London?

As cheap flights became increasingly affordable back in the early 1970s, Brits all across South West London began to move away from coach travel and favour travelling by air. The commercial airline boom corresponded with falling revenues at hospitality coach hire companies, but times have changed and coaches are once again an extremely popular option.

This is largely down to a massive increase in the quality of coaches. Those looking to hire an executive coach around South East London are spoiled for choice, with the Westway Coaches fleet boasting all types of high quality vehicles including those designed to cater for those in need of double decker coach hire. But here are a few more reasons why luxury coach hire is so popular in this day and age…

The Second Coming of Coaches

It’s Inexpensive

If you have a large party looking to get from A to B, and B is abroad, booking flights during busy peak times can get very expensive rather quickly. Travelling via double decker coach hire keeps costs down and is far less hassle than booking in luggage and dealing with possible delays and layovers at airports.

It’s Environmentally Friendly 

But if you’re not looking to head overseas and you need a group of persons transported from South West London to somewhere else in the UK, taking a convoy of cars isn’t very green. Fuel usage adds up and carbon emissions sky rocket. Hire a luxury coach to avoid this issue, as only one, fuel efficient vehicle is required for the job. 

It’s Stress-free 

For many, this might be the deal sealer for those considering whether or not to hire an executive coach. When you book a Westway coach for a journey from or to South West London, there are no navigational concerns, no road-rage and no need to deal with the pressures of leading a convoy of cars through Britain’s network of motorways and confusing country roads. Sit back and let our drivers get you to your destination, their job is to put the hospitality in to hospitality coach hire, after all!

So if you’re in South West London and interested in seeing what all the fuss about the new wave of coaches is about, whether you require double deck coach hire or something smaller like a midi-coach, give us a call. Whatever your personal requirements, if you’re looking to hire a luxury coach – Westway is the company for you.

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