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Westway Coaches add Fully Electric Coach to Fleet

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Posted on 16th October 2018 by

Westway are the first UK company to buy a fully electric coach and add it to their bus and coach hire fleet. The London based luxury coach company has purchased two Chinese built coaches called the TCe12, manufactured by Yutong and powered by Yutong batteries. Our Zero Emission Electric Coach Hire Service is available to book via our website.

Yutong technology and buses are widespread throughout Asia and extremely reliable. The technology itself is not new and has been developed over many years and therefore any issues have been resolved.

They can carry between 48 and 53 passengers, but keeping comfort a priority, Westway recommend a 48 seat option however the ability to up-seat will still remain. The London based coach is also equipped with an accessibility lift for wheelchair users.

It takes less than 2 hours to charge and depending on how the heating/cooling system are used the coach will easily do around 200 miles on a full battery.

When stationary, the coach produces zero emissions and minimal power is used with all on board amenities continuing to work as expected. This is truly the perfect coach to be driving in and around London.

The batteries in the coach are lithium ion, and have around a 10 year life span before they need replacing and can easily be recycled.

Westway selected Yutong as their coaches are far better for the environment, and are more capable than the majority of vehicles on the market. Each part of the coach is manufactured at Yutong in China, minimising the use of cargo ships and freight planes and keeping its carbon footprint as low as possible.

Westway Coach Services have been operating since 1984, and during that time have experimented with many different vehicles to find ones that suit our needs, keep our executive image, are extremely comfortable and provide outstanding economical performance. Adding electric bus hire and electric coach hire options to our existing fleet is a logical progression as we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and add new technologies to our fleet.

Our established coaches, buses and mini bus fleet have been retrofitted with exhaust systems to make their emissions compliant, whilst we have invested in newer vehicles that are of the highest standards for an internal combustion engine without being assisted by hybrid or fuel cell technology.

Westway Coaches take great pride in their recycling procedure and it is key within day to day operations from the office to the workshop that everything is recycled.

Westway take a serious stance when it comes to environmental and sustainability issues and fully support London’s Ultra-Low-Emission-Zone and the national push to ban diesel. They have already invested into new EURO6 emission compliant vehicles as a short term solution and with the purchase of the UK’s first fully electric coaches have made strides forward for a longer term solution.

In 2017 Westway set a target to obtain a zero emissions fleet, not only to jump ahead of other companies but to drastically reduce their carbon footprint, and aid in the reduction of harmful emissions in London helping to reduce the rising amount of health issues in the city and damage to the environment through emissions, noise and pollution.

Westway Coaches have a long term aim to have a fully electric coach, bus and minibus fleet and believe that battery technology will improve drastically, along with access to charge points.

Westway will have their first two electric coaches from Yutong making their debut UK appearance and operation in April 2019.

To book one of our luxury coaches today for London or anywhere in the UK please click here.

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